There is a new game coming out soon for the iPhone and iPad, and Sakari Infinity is holding the contest for music in the game!┬áSome of you have probably heard about this already, it’s called Roxy Dark and The Spydrs. The game has you following a (fictional) rock band called The Spydrs, and you have been contracted by Roxy, their lead guitarist. Your job is to keep spiders out of “The Spydrs” concerts – apparently spiders just love hard rock, but they bother the audience.

The player will make their way through 50 twisted, spider-filled levels at 5 concert venues. They’ll frantically try and tap as many spiders as they can, while the music rocks their world.

The soundtrack to this game will be… You guessed it: hard rock. A rock band called Violet X will be doing some tracks for the game, but more tracks are needed! That’s where you come in…!

The Contest

UPDATE: Winners will also receive a free copy of the game! (I thought I mentioned that, but I must have forgotten)

Sakari Infinity is holding a “hard rock” music contest. It will last from now until the game is published in late spring / early summer! The winners will have their songs used in a published Apple game, and their name in lights in the final stage of the game (as well as be listed on the credits page).

Song entries should be at least 2 minutes and loopable. Use of electric / grunge guitar is a must, along with a quick tempo and solid bass line.

If you’re used to writing RPG music, think about this as a “Battle” theme. It kind of is!



Submit your entries using the Upload tab at the top of the site. Just make sure you mention that this is for the Roxy Dark Music Contest.

Any questions, just ask!


Game Screenshots

The official page can be found here:

These images were captured from a working version of the game on an iPad 2. The game is about 70% done at the time of this posting, and is slated to be launched late spring or early summer 2012. Note: The “Roxy” rendering is tentative. These are not official screenshots.



  1. Matt2East on 04.03.2012

    How far along is the game? Screenshots, demo, etc? In practice, many people clam to make video games and then the game doesn’t get finished. When offering a contest, the developer should show that they are capable of delivering the game they are promising before asking for volunteer(?) music contributions in the form of a contest.

    Are the tracks used for the game done for license or buyout? (Getting composers to give away the rights to their music for $0 is a really bad idea, but licensing for a finished game could be a valuable credential for somebody.)

    Is there any kind of cash offer for the music, even on the back-end? If the project is for profit and programmers, artists, etc. are paid then should the composer also be compensated somehow?

    Good luck!

  2. illustrationism on 04.03.2012

    Hey Matt. Good to hear from you!

    All good questions. You’re coming from the perspective of a professional musician, I think, which is great. Let me see if I can answer some of your questions.

    The game is about 70% done, minus music and a “final” Roxy rendering. I have some screenshots I’ll be posting shortly. There won’t be a demo available until the music is integrated.

    Roxy Dark will be available on the App Store as a paid game. The main incentive for musicians is the credit and recognition. The reason for that is because I am the sole developer of this game. There is no big company involved, there is no funding, and there is no promise of profit. This game is 100% all my personal time and effort.

    As for your comment about licensing: I agree. The game will be done shortly, and it’s a great opportunity for musicians to get their name out there. The licensing will be simple and free.

    So if you’re a working professional looking for a job, this isn’t the right contest for you. However, if you’re just looking for a little fame and production credits, this will be right up your alley. =)


  3. Matt2East on 04.03.2012

    Thanks David. These screenshots look awesome! I understand what it’s like to work on something independently and with no funding. I hope you find what you are looking for!

  4. FadingHeartbeat on 04.03.2012

    Now this sounds like something right up my alley! Count me in!

  5. illustrationism on 04.03.2012

    @FH: Awesome. I think this is going to work out really well. I’m definitely trying to turn this into something decent.

  6. KGB525 on 04.04.2012

    Sounds like a cool idea. Count me in as well.

  7. IntoTheSky on 04.04.2012

    I’ve been working on an entry the past two days, should be ready soon. This is a great contest in my opinion. Lets face it; tablets are the future of gaming. Before long we’ll be able to hook our phones and iPads to the television and play without the need for a separate console. Developing music for iOS games is a great direction to go in. It is something that Sakari Infinity could even market itself towards in the future.

  8. illustrationism on 04.05.2012

    @IntoTheSky: I agree, it’s definitely part of the future of gaming, especially considering the upgrades to the new iPad (mostly geared toward graphics and gaming).

    Looking forward to hearing the music, guys!

  9. illustrationism on 04.06.2012

    UPDATE: Winners will also receive a free copy of the game! (I thought I mentioned that, but I must have forgotten)