Imagine running through a woodland during a cool afternoon. You’re rushing towards your destination, romanticizing whatever it may be, only increasing your anticipation, and in turn, your determination. All the while, strings and bassoons (with the occasional flute) accompany this little adventure of yours prompting you to ask a myriad of questions. I had a […]


Short, moving, ambient synth intro/outro featuring a synth guitar lead courtesy of the one and only Roland Super JD-990. Dusk or Dawn

Inspired by Fullmetal Alchemist. Created as an introduction track to an album, movie, game, etc. Alpha Inception


A song that was inspired by the soundtrack of the Mass Effect series. Created by using a combination of analogue and fm synth instruments in Ableton Live for the sole purpose of being enjoyed by others. Could be used in various types of sci-fi projects. Sunspot


This is an orchestral ambient soundtrack piece, in my opinion best used as part of a horror soundtrack to juxtapose tense moments, and give a sense of relief for a breather level. This was originally planned to be used in a Custom Story for Amnesia: The Dark Descent, though that never really took off. Composed […]

There is a new game coming out soon for the iPhone and iPad, and Sakari Infinity is holding the contest for music in the game!

Inspired by, Yoko Shimomura, main composer of the many Kindgom Hearts series, I wanted to compose an original song – but not mimicking – that was similar to the style of “Destiny Islands”. I wanted this piece to fit well with a beach, considering there will be cutscenes and events that happen at the beach […]

Not really written for any specific scene. More me goofing around and writing something manically maniacal. If I had to place it in game somewhere it’d probably be in the middle of the game or towards the end when things are getting weird. Because things always get weird. Had a lot of fun with this […]


An almost mournful atmospheric synth-based track with a mechanical rhythm and chirpy lead synth. It reminds me a little of music in the likes of Piranha by OTM – a spacey theme with a spacey title. And Then There Was…


We didn’t get a description for this one. This is a really neat Game Over piece. Very neat indeed… Got some vocals in there, some Japanese lyrics. Give it a listen. =) Comes from BK PROD Minoru Game Over  

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